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About us

Alicia Lipfiller Academy is a successful family business owned and managed by founder Alicia and her daughter Oliwia. ​ Alicia Lipfiller Academy taking over the country , with clients travelling across whole Ireland and abroad! In the clinic we believe in using the best products and machines on the market, giving our clients best quality services and results


ALICJA her self with over 20 years experience in Beauty, specialises in Dermal Fillers and is an Expert in Lip Enhancements! ​ Also is fully qualified to train, Alicia provides Masterclass with her own unique Baby Doll Lips Technique. ​ She is also certified and licenced Dental Nurse.


On the other hand her daughter OLIWIA specialises in Semi Permanent Make up and other Advanced Skin Treatments including Plasma Pen and Mesotherapy.

She is an Expert in Ombre Eyebrows.